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    In 1984, Dr. Rio Howell synthesis LubeMax Sol in the laboratory of Windsor, Sol in metal working fluids applications greatly improves the performance of coolant.

    Established in 1988 RHOXON LUBRICANT CO., RHOXON the organizational structure of the company is open, the company's corporate culture is more inclusive and unparalleled competitive advantage.

    Rhoxon's series of water-soluble cutting fluids and frontier have won wide praise, our clients include airplane factory, high speed locomotive factories, important automobile parts production company.

    As a reliable corporate, Rhoxon always concerns environmental development sustainability.  Products due to low toxicity and biodegradation of adding product security, gentle formulation design of maximally protecting the operator health and safety.

    Lubricants for metalworking in the industry oil is the most complex products, we face challenges not only the complexity of the process conditions, cost pressures, environmental factors, but also the application of technical progress, new products. As a professional and independent Special lubricant company, Rhoxon is committed to development and application of lubricant products for metal processing industry, to meet customers ' unique requirements.

     Our professional team has extensive applications expertise to assist our customers in product development; our technical services team has extensive experience in site management to help our customers to better manage and service. Technical advancements create most value.


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